12, 13…

IMG_20200605_074033 Some polling data from prior police shooting when you wish to look at things a tad cold blooded:  80 percent of black respondents and 23 percent of white respondents believe the grand jury erred in failing to indict the officer that shot Brown.  On Garner, the numbers are 90 percent of black and 47 percent of whites.  I become interested in how the 24 percent of whites and 10 percent of whites are it, not sure if thrown into a jury I wouldn’t land there.  (Do Not know, not in that position.)  Not simply a game of respectability politics, except perhaps as it affects what the officer’s stance — there is a phrase that did not happen which we now see scrawled around the city and in Over the last few years in hip hop songs.  What you do with a piece of false mythology illustrating real issues, I do not know.

The more pertinent phrase — “I can’t breathe” suffers the problem where every jackals in police custody will about as a taunt.

I puzzle over bits of crude graffiti amongst the more graceful art and intelligible crudities.  I simply do not know what “fuck 12” means – – I did see a 12 on the back of someone’s NFL replica jersey  — duck Tom Brady?  Elsewhere there it is — though this was yesterday, it is gone today — a penis.  As for the weird anime thing — is this the anon Reddit internet troll joke transgression feelinglessly?

(Expanding definitions on 12, or maybe it is the only police some of the protesters have some experiences with, and sliding white privilege personal gripes into it?)


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