Has Bob Avakian taken over the Larouche org?

I.  Justin Amash, Republican turned Independent turned Libertarian member of the U.S. Congress, had announced a bid for the Libertarian Party Presidential nominee.  Then he made an abrupt about face and dropped out.  Notwithstanding the party members’ fatigue over three straight races headed by ex Republicans and Amash maybe not knowing how to answer the question of whether everyone can set up oil rigs as individual island nations or whatnot, what might account for Justin Amash’s decision?

Is it possible he was scared off after seeing social media mocking him with the potent insult in American politics — “another Larouche”?  He was dying so badly by the insult he saw no other way but to withdraw?

The repercissions in the election ate staggering. Though, Larouche would not come in fourth.

Over a year after his death, which those who care know, and the question is… How long will Larouche be tossed as this insult? (And segue into this ). (Hey! The Caveman show is probably available by streaming.

II.  The answer may lie in the success of Helga and the Bunch in their “Larouche Legacy Project” and the publication of the writings and sentences of Lyndon Larouche into leather-bound diamond encrusted gold plated volumes, sure to set the world afire, taking their place in any showcase book shelf.  Just leaf and you will find — he was talking about viruses in 1978!  So ahead of the curve.  And … He had a plan to colonize Mars — Was with China on the moon. if we had just listened to him instead of jailing everyone 2 degrees separate from him (Roger Stone, for example) we’d have populated all of Mars… and stopped the Pokemon menace.
apparently the most important figure not taught in schools
In the meantime, those that care relegate him to “Alex Jones of his generation”.

iii.  Diane Sare has thrown her hat into the rimg, running for Senate … For New York in… 2022.  Or so a blip on her facebook page has it.  I spoke any campaigning for Daniel Burke for New Jersey in 2020 counts as campaigning for her seat.  They are missing a golden opportunity — they ought have fun both candidates for the same seat, one as a Republican the other  Democrat.  That way of one wins the nominatipn, why then they can appeal to disaffected supporters of the losing candidate to win in November. To be fated for recount request possibilities. (Seem stuck in New York area and South Dakota now.)

Surprising they don’t take up election reform…, considering…

As were, Sare has herself running as an Independent (and has already lost herself one vote), and Burke appears to be the same, even though he did have himself as a “Larouche REPUBLICAN” in an appearance on the powerhouse “Blog Talk Radio”, where…

IV.  From his perch as a regular on Blog Talk Radio’s “Bard’s Logic” podcast, Daniel Burke was shuffled in on an episode exploring “Should China pay restitution?”  (In February we are a debate with Michael Billington over who the greatest threat to the U.S. Is… China or the Deep State… I suppose here we can see a little head fake and get to common ground in dealing on the Deep State, though I wonder if the tone will darken a couple month’s forward.)

But maybe thete is a rightwing “nationalist” source that toes to their China stance. OR not here.
Astounding Schizophrenia otherwise. (Hm hrm).
They have to create their own, though it seems like an echo of the youtube channel.

Bill Jones does his best to excuse Trump to Chinesr media. (I wondet how Cliff Kincaid squares the circle in lombasting the China connection.)

I half think this is a trolling of Burke. Lest, why bring in Israel? (It is a double loop.

V.  Ron Wieczorek commences his letter to the editor campaign.  2 swift rebuttals in the comments section, but he does have the print audience all to himself.  How it will reshape South Dakota politics remains to be seen.

VI.  Daniel Estulin, whose books are composed two thirds of parochial footnoted material, is slammed when he deviates.
Find out later for whoever, your conduits for such things as… Oh… The Bill Gates depopulation agenda of anti-vax machine.

VII. A coup sends Helga out?. Bob Avakian has taken over. It would explain some things.

Another guy who thinks the larouche movement has sold out. And one who thinks they’ve lost theor mojo.

Actually, this tweey from Helga suggests a knowing wink. 3 blokes and a statue declared to be “The Four Powers”. It’s as though she is preemptively offering the punchline some poster at factnet would go with to… profit?

VIII. Long time Supporter?  Possible supporter!. maybe? Until we get to the hang ups in Debating the aristotle line. (Or maybe it was here.
If only the org were still around they may have new means to recruit.

Unsuccessful recruitment attempt. (Pleasant debating society. (Not for everyone)
Will Helga allow this?. Does she support this?. Did some punk band adapt his name?. (not so insane an idea<) Big in Japan?. (Psuedo Christian Rock?. Does Creed have it in for the beatles? Supporting actor. Remembering the lym.(The org’s list includes most of humanity. (for fifty year spells. including… if only one anyone name checks.

flashback. Bark bark. watched em in some state. Chicago lore. Just four years back. Mail boxes. Posters. Drag queens can be larouchies, can’t they?. (not as bad as qanon?
Lame Claim to Fame. and again.


IX. Reading King’s book. Answer: no real demand, also will suffer through attack as British agent by remaining group.
Possible next book?. Skip this one.

I am reasonably certain the larouchie asking for a source and getting one is not clicking the link. (Counterpoint of sorts.
the damned british. again
If Doc Brown were…
There is irony in this post which is maybe where Matthew Sweet is pointing generally. if mote specicically hereabouts. (Times change.
Conspiracies ulterior motives.

X. rip her, if not her political master, but I gotta wonder on the role of a “larouche elector”. I know the guy won scattered delegates in blind opposition fashion (the vote which inflated Bernie Sanders’s total in 2016), but the party strips this vote at the convention rules.
IN 2020, I am hoping Bill Weld can hang onto the one he somehow won in Iowa, but I doubt it.

XI. Getting a bit of attention, the nomination of a Republican senate candidate in Oregon, no chance in the general, who follows and believes qanon. I think there is a tad less then meets the eye — it was either her or a non qanon spouting wingnut for the honors of losing big in November. I have not looked in comments sections of national news sites, but I imagine some references to Larouche pop up, as in twitter, and more specifically the 1986 Illinois<> primary results. Notably, the more recent election victories of Kesha Rogers… are not cited or recalled. The peaks and valleys diminish.

XII. Despite a change in name, “citizen’s electoral council” still predominates media coverage.


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