Does Jo Ann Perkins matter? Really, does she matter?

I wonder if the bloviating on the drudgery of Jo Rae Perkins and her qanon based Republican Senate primary win isn’t overstated. Hop over to Tennessee, and Mark Clayton’s Democratic Party nomination. That didn’t stop a bid from by Phil Bredesen a few election cycles later, nor play any part in his double digit breaking from even in the polls loss.

Were the other Republicans running much better in their message? Looking at her chief opponent — rambling about the Democrats as Socialists. Familiar ground. For his part, the most credible gubernatorial candidate of Knute Buehler — who I’m guessing fits a profile of the next Republican candidate the party seriously backs for state office when finding a competitive spot — had dropped bipartisan conciliating language when vying for the lone Republican held House seat. She will win that district.

I guess she now heads my perennial sometimes “gordon allen pross candidate” list. We will see whojoins her.

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