Out with larouche, in with vermin supreme

I.  Can’t the Larouche org get any respect as a short hand for politico flotsam?  Consider how the New Republic references scenarios of politically undesirable candidates:
Vermin Supeme style stunt candidate, Larouche supporter, or a libertarian.

This Vermin Supreme guy — the new face of the Presidential Fringe. Note this book makes no mention of Larouche… How the mighty have fallen, indeed.

Though, at least one person from Port Townsend still goes to them.,
PTPD received a report about two men selling a box of “Larouche 2020” t-shirts at the post office.
Yeah, well… the campaign has takers, campaign results, defectors, and not takers.

Still shorthand to pummel Phyllis schafly, so they gots that. [As too merging to john birch to get to qanon. 40 years ago? getting there.)
floats about still.

II. The legacy of the Larouche movement: airport after thought to Hare Krishnas. Someone needs to create some retro-futuristic dystopian Mad Max ish sci fi where the future is revealed as Hare Krishnas vs the Larouchies for global dominance.
Crazy marxist dad did some haranguing, all back in the day. Well, consider the company he kept. (hm…
He has been exonerated after all.

III. Webster Tarpley refers to a “Tyrant Xi” on twitter. Thouugh that is part of why you see former fans turn on him and think he may be compromised by the deep state.
Not that I want to side with the people he has abandoned to align with ant Trump lefters, but his line is not consistent, being the one who rallied crowds calling Putin a force for Peace.

And Michael Billington sells the deep state on blog talk radio, leaving Tarpley… ?

IV. Interestingly, Jeffrey Steinberg, not Lyndon Larouche is the man listed in the 12 Americans against the British Royal Family. These days, Steinberg has… I guess… quit the org to pusue other other more comic book efforts.

I suspect a conspracy, where the powers that be are flooding headlines of peoples who share their enemies’ names to keep the public from this source. The British have some dude named Alex Jones we can make a story out of. See too the new director of… The Schiller Institute. Steinberg?

Confusion reigns in all corners. This blast from the past…and I could be wrong, but it does not read like Larouche.
More recent examples have clearer thoroughlines.

V. All about Stepping from the brink and mobilizing for trump, xi, putin.

Helga Zepp emerges as a social justice warrior, fighting microaggressions  on any pun laced headline or allusion to kung fu or bat soup. Maybe this is the play to a student activist core that have not been there in the era of Trump?

“Absolutely Heroic Response”, sayeth the Helga Zepp Xi Booster Movement. woo!.  (Lawrence Freeman thinks Ghana should be like China.

All the while, Trump fails to heed the call of the Helga Zepp Plan.

VI. It does appear you can blend the deployment Trump rally outreach with coverage of Burke’s 2020 New Jersey Senate bid.

As far afield as Ohio. Stop the coup; colonize mars

What I don’t understand is how Daniel Burke can get the stop the coup and colonize mars message into this nrws article without promoting his Senate aspirations, or the Larouche Movement for that matter. But I guess this predominates at a Trump rally. (Burke does the blog talk radio, and identifies as a… “Larouche REPUBLICAN”. Is that… official?

VII. Harley Schlanger looks to be emerging as the face of the Larouchian Movement. See “national spokesperson for Lyndon larouche”. [Hrm. He speaks for a dead guy?]
Sputnik News is
the place to go if you want answers and debate on whether Trump is winning Mega or winning Ultra, or
Obama getting ready to slam Bernie publically. Oddly, speculated in the National Review, but dismissed with the premise that he’s too much a wimp.

VIII. Ronald Wieczorek, Mount Vernon on Why you must defend this strong presidency

British MI6 launched this now years-long attempted coup against Trump, and our intelligence agencies and mainstream media joined in. These traitors don’t want to allow (any) president to cooperate with Russia or China or end the wars. They don’t want to allow (this) president to handle a financial crisis, because a strong President could adopt LaRouche’s Glass Steagall and national credit policies.
Glass Steagall pursued in one way or another by Trump… Any minute now…

IX.  Exiting the year 2019, entering 2020, a smattering of

memorial obituary;  notices, Gets to be called “influential” you see, and a return for a quick clip at the one year death announcement anniversary. capturing an essence, I s’pose.

X. While I was not looking, the citizen’s electoral council became the Australian Citizen’s Party.

Also, against the barrage of Neocon propaganda against china, and see too that neo-cons did it; not Trump
The Progressive socialist party of Ukraine is headed by one of those “Schiller party co-thinker”s. However one co-thinks.  Ossenkopp is associated with the Schiller Institute … International think tank.

XI. Somewhere Lyndon LaRouche says, “Hillary Clinton is crazy.” {larouche supported hillary in the 2008 primaroes, thpugh not so much afterward.}

Or is it Gabbard?. {Tulsi}.

“It’s not like she has a ton of places to go after this,” the operative said, likening Gabbard’s position in the current Democratic Party to perennial candidate and convicted fraudster Lyndon LaRouche. “She can do remote hits from Hawaii for the next five years—who wouldn’t want to do that?”

XI. abuse of power…

Steve Hassen has a book out.. Larouche barely figures.

“Pathological lying is characteristic of destructive cult leaders – saying things in a very confident way that have nothing to do with facts or truthfulness – blaming others and never taking responsibility for his own failures and faults – shunning and kicking out anyone who raises questions or concerns about his own behavior – his use of fear-mongering [calling] immigration a horrible thing… [saying] the press is the enemy of the people. That’s what Hubbard would say. That’s what Moon said. That’s what LaRouche said. Why? Because they’re demagogues.”

Ronald Wieczorek disagrees.

Back when Bloomberg’s positions had him living in colonial New York City, the LaRouche Political Action Committee created a stir there by portraying him as “Mousolini”—he shares policies with the Italian…

Bloomberg is currently getting slammed for cozy business and rationalizing China’s government.  Oh, and there’s a bit of authoritarian suggestions thrown about. Hm… the infomercial on viral epidemic tactic is familiar, ain’t it? (Buttitieg’s exit has implications for them all.

XII. Back in the day, the lym would spout “boomer” as a perjorative in Larouche’s internal politicking. Oh how everything changes..

On November 3, Massachusetts’ renown politicians Senator Ed Markey and Representative Jim McGovern convened a town hall open to the public at Clark University’s very own Atwood Hall to discuss the Green New Deal. […]

On Wednesday, Oct. 30, the House passed a set of procedures to govern the president’s impeachment inquiry. “What is happening to the president is a witch hunt,” said a woman named Jennifer, who identified herself with LaRouche, a pro-Trump super political action committee founded in the name of Lyndon LaRouche, a political activist, convicted fraudster, and cult leader.

Jennifer was quickly booed by audience members who shouted things like “this is about climate” and “OK, boomer.”
Ah well. They can always turn to choruses to balm the sting.

XIII. It isn’t set in the D.C. of K Street or Georgetown, or even the Lyndon LaRouche crazies hanging around DuPont Circle. It’s in the projects and town houses, the late night liquor stores and neighborhood baseball courts.
I guess someone else will have to write the Washington DC of the Larouchies.


And a standard Trump hires someone contributed once or twice to Larouche publication story.

IX. The Post Office tour returns.
They had sandwich boards set up between the sidewalk and Fulton Avenue. The signs and accompanying literature supported Trump’s policies that align with those of past political activist Lyndon Larouche, and decried the Green New Deal proposed by U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

By 1 p.m., however, City of Middletown police officers informed the pair that their signs were violating city ordinances regarding temporary signs. Under the threat of a summons, the demonstration became a single table of literature with a sign attached to the top of it.

the insult legacy.

ell, it has finally happened! The Lyndon LaRouche-like, tin-foil-hat-wearing, gender-deluded, pecksniffian Democrats, in a continual state of psychotic rage, have proven the truth of H. L Mencken’s statement that “democracy (and politics) is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage. …. The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed … by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

Counterpunch considers “executive intelligence review” a Spooky sounding name.

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