The race on the eve of the last primary before superduper tuesday

Note in this open letter to the Green Party plumbing the travails of the spoiler effect — a wash, rinse, repeat exercise from the likes of Chomsky and a cast like that. The open letter speaks of winning votes that would otherwise go to Sanders, Warren, or whoever. Sure is a list of peoples with progressive bonafidas sitting in that “whoever” category.

As it were, fivethirtyeight notes that the evidence points to a Biden rally. As the Bernie Sanders nomination implications sink in, and as Bloomberg implodes under the illogic of his campaign, the South Carolina black and conservative of one definition of the word consolidates to Biden. He is in for a big win in South Carolina…
barring perhaps the Republican Party cross-overs deciding they can trample an old Socialist, right?
… and as the Republican Party cancelled any contest, lest they see just how much support transhumanism enjoys in the party.
Meantime, the happy talk of democracynow has it that Bernie is building in black South Carolina, socialism on the march against the tired neoliberal Biden, his firewall imploding and we have interviews with activists taking Clyburn to the cleaners…

Trump is easily the worst president in American history and Bernie would be the second worst.

Or… funny this comment debate… Not saying the Argentina model is good, it is just closer than the Soviet model as possibilities.
David Brooks frets. “Not liberalism, it is what replaces liberalism”. Meehaps. THen the coup sets in, right?
The reluctant if i must I guess I’m voting for Bernie in the general versus the It’s Bernie bitch and not you lamebrain loser neoliberal duke it out in the comments section there…

not to be confused on a jump from Warren to Bednieas if it comes down to drag queen story hour.
or that the real problem is that listening to Warren is like getting Lectured to by a fifth grade teacher

Nay. The problem is that comment, sensible that it may be, is automatically tagged as “sexism”, just as the Republican Party’s making hay of Bloomberg nearly saying “bought” in terms of some democratic house seats represents the most racist thing I’ve seen today. (How are they supposed to highlight the meaning of Bloomberg’s gaffe? Only allowed to use this one for white congress members?)

When all is said and done, I think we can nod at the genius of Bloomberg’s campaign. He spotted Trump’s rise as being built off free media so tried to replica it off of paid media. For a minute it worked somewnat, but the next moneybags oligarch will be well suited to heed the lesson to just shirk the debate stage. His fallback attempt, just take footage of the debate stage and craft your own narrative, might work in a different setting — it comes in from the paucity of actualn people watching the damned debate so would simply be competition against the news media coverage for impressions… BUt the narrative Bloomberg proferred — everyone speechless silent against his massive business experience — is not anything that impresses this electorate, and he could not get around beating news coverage. I think all the fake fans he has clapping and booing and fake twitter fans just lands as confusing.

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