2004 or that abouts

The Democratic race supposedly devolves into that of 2004 — except the discomfitting likely nominee — roughly the same age but sixteen years on —

… I already noted Warren possessing the same problems as Dukakis of 88 … Sitting on the beach indulging in thick policy reading … Fun in the sun…

… Sanders is Corbyn, reincarnate, and we all know what happened to him.  Actually when you hear that klobuchar gloating on behalf of women on who lost all The elections on stage … Was that a tag team assault team up with Warren on Bernie?  (The only guy on stage to participate in elections for fraction of percentage vote tallies?)

Actually, maybe Bernie is Dean again… who on The eve of the primaries had footage released of him badmouthing The party in the past.  Come from two different directions, of course, and neither hold a candle to Trump…

The great thing for the new Kerry for that old Biden is he doesn’t have an Edwards to not bring anything to the ticket.  Unless Buttigieg is… Though he didn’t represent the attempt of a breach into the south.  No, I gather we’ll get the retry for Gephardt … Midwest didn’t get anywhere here… Klobuchar.

Reading the comments section on such politician analysis… I can vote Warren but not Biden… Biden not Warren… Only Gabbard or Sanders for some foreign policy purposes… I’m sure someone would follow the logic for only Kucinch over Bush, or maybe Dean but certainly not the hawk Kerry, in which case we can turn to Bush for that cultural purpose.

Is Trump now Bush?  Damned if he can’t find some cultural battle to jam on Midwest swing state ballots… Unless, suddenly, he actually is it.

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