Surprising New Hampshire primary result sends shockwaves through political fringe parts

Shocking election result in the New Hampshire primary.  Vermin Supreme has won the Libertarian delegating race.  Who is Vermin Supreme?  Quite a bit like fellow libertarian candidate Lincoln Chafee… ran on multiple party platforms, most noted for the most outre stances on things, and latest race seems to be just wanting to hear themselves talk.

No, for their purposes I wouldn’t know where the party should go.  After three former Republicans for a presidential race, it is probably to go elsewhere — the Green Party went to a former Democrat in 2008 then to Jill Stein so on that basis they come out as less desperate.  And Chafee is no Gary Johnson.  May be that is why he came last — only garnering a smidgen of media attention for his run because he was a statewide elected official for Senate and governor.  Unlike performance artist Vermin Supreme who captures a party ethos in that he is commenting on the system.

So, Vermin Supreme has his moment ripping apart the party’s recent history, perhaps the result of party voting procedures oh so republic not democracy … Or maybe attempted anti oligarch (no super delegates here.)

Eh… I think they have some resident of one of those sovereign ocean rig nations they can float to and spare themselves from guys with silly hate and metric system enthusiasts.  (Cheap shot, maybe … Chafee considers that aside his greatest mistake in his 2016 bid … Nevermind it is what set him above the likes of Jim Webb.)

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