Bloomberg gains momentum?

So.  Some private conversation between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren gets trafficked months and political eons later, where Sanders most plausibly meandered about at most what Hillary Clinton staffers muttered around after the last election and at least nodded that challenges existed for Warren, extrapolated now for maximum attempted political affect..

And personality clashes played up, Warren.. won’t… shake… Bernie’s hand…

Out of nowhere, or… A Netflix flick on her?… do people want that?  Hillary Clinton jumps in.  To say, um… “Nobody likes him.”. I suppose there could be a political argument she could profer, that Sanders wouldn’t have the personal skills to get his agenda through, which oddly would aim more to the bipartisan worker bingo argument for old man Biden and youngster Buttigieg than the obvious figure she seems wanting to assist in Warren.

Apparently Bernie has a disturbing record of… Um… Arguing against his Democratic opponents, in particular the female opponents.  Never really went after Lincoln Chafee in that last election, you will notice, in the same way he did Clinton.

More horror slashing the woke progressives — Joe Rogan gives a nod of approval to Bernie, praised his consistency.  Not quite accurate — he has modified on whether working with the Democratic party is worthwhile — and consistency is oft overblown…

See Trump making his pilgrimage to the “pro life” rally.  Reading the tooth gnashing under a conservative praise who missed the point on transactional nature of the politics and ends up a tad schizophrenic in arguing that it’s a dependable token… Never mind you can read in The Nation magazine all that Trump has done for this cause and position…

.. But Rogan spoke this and that.  Mixed martial arts politics of the Heather Swanson dilemma.  Didn’t like the banishing of Dukes of Hazard in the Confederate flag brouhaha as dismantling history — that history being women in short shorts.  Has had discussed on his show that he mostly lets them speak unchallenged.  So.  A deplorable may vote for him, and lead other deplorable to do so, and we can’t have that… So the call to renounce this endorsement.

Or maybe that is all a Twitter land controversy with no bearing on the Iowa New Hampshire South Carolina Democratic electorate.  except making him a sympathetic figure.

At least with Hillary Clinton jamming Tulsi Gabbard … Hubbard was gloating in microscopic vote land.  (Hm… A woman Sanders hasn’t said anything much on that Hillary has…)

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