words have only a whiff of meaning these days

Looking over this American Conservative magazine outline of a Rolling Stone article about a group of men wanting to masturbate and watch porn less…

… which is to say, some information relayed second-hand…

and I keep getting gobsmacked by the sheer meaningless of the word “alt right“.

According to Dickson, the enemy is anyone currently participating in #NoNutNovember, a viral internet challenge that encourages men to go 30 days without watching porn or masturbating. In what’s become a tell-tale sign that the hip vanguard of the cultural left’s late-stage sexual revolution feels threatened, Dickson lets us know, in no uncertain terms, that those who dare abstain from porn have embraced “the ideology…of the far right”: “anti-Semitism,” “homophobia,” “racism,” and “misogyny.” He even includes Ley’s “You know who else hated porn? Hitler!” argument and goes out of his way (and I mean waaaaaaay out of his way) to name drop Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos.

Both Rolling Stone and The Daily Show focus on debunking the supposed boost in virility that comes from semen retention (which, granted, is bunk) that motivates some #NoNutNovember-ers. But the extent to which both outlets ignore the obvious reality that most participants are driven primarily by a desire for self-control is staggering.

Ley actually criticizes Jordan Peterson (whom he calls “a leader in the alt-right movement in Canada”) for telling young men that “there is nothing noble about masturbating to pornography.”

“That’s noble! That’s healthy!” Ley insists. Dickson, meanwhile, reacts indignantly to the “Coomer” meme, an image used by #NoNutNovember participants to mock those who compulsively watch porn.

I understand things overlap and not one is with the other and this is a broad based “mood” moreso than anything… but weren’t the hackers who filed away a whole bunch of images of hacked naked female celebrities under the title of the “Great [don’t remember the term, but it’s an onomatopoeia for slapping your dick about)” … your keke Pepe Frog meme loving “alt right”?


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