changing society on us, you’ll have to measure this one

The state of the culture war, as one micro-targetting of politicking on transgendered issues finds … shock of shocks… no one cares about the us the bathrooms, but across genders in sports competition — another story.

The attack takes significant liberties with the facts, making it appear as if non-discrimination laws that include say, Lesbian bisexual and Transgender people, which Mr. Beshear supports, would open the door for boys to join girls’ sports leagues just because they want a competitive advantage, not because they are transitioning.

The NYT writer is a bit too glib with his bias.  There was always a pretty simple answer to the statements made by — was it Mike Huckabee? — on “if I were a teenage boy, I’d be so eager to get into that girl’s locker-room!” — even though the responders tended toward a little too pat response not addressing the issue — the correct answer is:  you won’t be able to get away with it very long, will you?  But then we come to the next question — mind you, not one any trans-gendered person I happen to know cares not one whit about this facet of society — it was one your TERFs as too the now culture warriors of the one time conspiracy mongerers at the warriors of info — are looking out for:  are we prepared as a society to see trans-gendered females with very masculine bodies shatter a women’s body building and weight lifting.  (Am I prepared to know who the winners of said competitions are?)  (Relatively recently, one of the city’s alt weeklies spewed forth on some such controversy with some athlete on people complaining she’s hopped up on too much testosterone — responded by pointing out Michael Phelps is benefited by an unnormal for a dude amount of estrogen.  It didn’t occur to me until later to wonder — is the paper unwilling to posit the controversy as trans-gendered — too woke to address the complaints?  I have no way of knowing…)

As it were, a very conservative Democrat won the governorship against … um… Zaphod Beeblebrox, was it? … in Louisiana, and the more conservative than typical one won in Kentucky.  We’ll finese the culture battles a bit more.


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