Buttigieg is a mayor of a relatively small city who hasn’t had to vote for some damned things in the Senate.

The dilemma of it all is that when a politician splits or sails down in the polls, the blame accrues to “racist sexist”, when — say — your Senator Harris has her own damned faults irrespective of her status as a black women.  (The corner of the Obama coalition who was actually elected, she’s quick to point out.)

“Sure, Buttigieg is gay, but he’s still a damned white man, and mayor of a damned small city.”  He has an intersectional win and a couple losses, I suppose.

On the last bit.  Wasn’t it Sarah Palin who pointed out —

Kidding!  But actually it was Karl Rove who said a couple opposite things once in declaiming Tim Kaine’s mayoral experience and then in upholding Palin’s…

Sure, Buttigieg is coming on strong in Iowa, but can he win the blacks in South Carolina?   Who all apparently love Biden, because… um… It’d be Clinton and Obama making Biden the third black president?  Or is this the game of someone else winning the South before Buttigieg tracks on to Nevada?

In other news, I think one of the other major newspapers of national reach ran an op-ed positing Trump as “draining the swamp” overseas — I suppose leading in to Senator Lindsey Graham’s new investigation calls of Hunter Biden, and we see the whole “how the offspring of powerful figures trade off their powerful connected family” in the line of the College Admissions scandal…  Or so the line goes.  The “Never Trumpers” but probably not really “never” of the National Review herald the 1996 Democratic Presidential platform, which I suppose is fine and dandy.   And something else popped into view in the opeds that I don’t recall right now.


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