Kaepernick’s newsnoteworthyness brings us the all important lists of current qbs who suck

We’re back at that point in Colin Kaepernick controversy where, in order to make the argument, what you have to do is dump on as many nfl quarterbacks as you can.  When last I noted this, it was Richard Sherman — then of the Seahawks — to his credit bringing the Kaepernick’s career past that “played in a Superbowl” part that becomes pat and parcel to the argument — pointing out that in his duty call up from the bench he played a good game against the Seahawks.

The two names Sherman brought up in the “Kaepernick’s not in there and these two duds are?” — were a player who in his Sophomore outing for the Rams made a jump in play and brought his team to the Superbowl the next year, and a player who was the quarterback for a Jaguars team that made the afc title that year — though never credited as the reason, and fell off from there.

Now we have Nancy Armour for USA Today putting it thusly

Chicago, Washington, Miami, and the New York Jets all have garbage pits at quarterback.

Sigh.  Miami, it is claimed, is “Tanking” for a high draft pick, to pick a marquee quarterback for the future… though, they appear to have fallen off the task of being the worst team in the league record-wise.  The New York Jets are for the moment committed to their sometimes promising young quarterback, hoping he’s experiencing a “Sophomore slump”.  I guess this leaves those other teams.

Also… Drew Brees, Cam Newton and Nick Foles all have missed significant time this season.

Sigh.  Brees’s replacement went undefeated.  (Or did he lose a game?)  Cam Newton seemed to be back-sliding, and his replacement at least for a while was doing great.  Nick Foles’s replacement has garnered a cult hero status, and for the moment seems to be in that “all systems go” even if the team will “have to see”.

And three more names for you.  Over the last three years, Nathan Peterman, Derek Anderson, Chad Henne, Brandon Weeden… all have gotten jobs.  It’s just a little too easy — just go to the bottom of the nfl quarterback pile and say “THESE GUYS?”  What’s interesting is that if the bottom of the nfl quarterback pile were somehow topper-notched… they argument would still be make-able.

Indeed, Kaeperick would have a job… if not for the things.  I point this out in some amusement more than political argument — one way or the other — I suppose they’re all professionals, and getting paid big bucks, but it is amusing to get called by another professional making less great bucks in a different profession a “garbage pit”.  Note that the qb for the Patriots and the qb for the Cowboys, when the qb for the Jets was caught on mic making a statement that’ll follow him in infamy about how much he was sucking out there — defended him and stated that they’re glad some of their bad games weren’t mic-ed.

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