what’s the point?

A group of about … eight?… people, with huge “Trump 2020” sign in tow, lead by the multi-colored Haley whatever her last name is, walks around in circles at Pioneer Courthouse Square.  Haley shouts in her bullhorn “We don’t want violence!” to the group of … eight?… other people, with bandanas on the head… who appear to be…

… um… walking very closely behind them?

At some point or other Haley says something about not letting weak girls do something or other, as befitting her politically incorrect edge.

“What’s this protest for?”
“Dunno.  (sarcastic) ‘Free Speech’.  So there they are… speaking.”

When last I could note Haley and her team* they were shouting into bull-horns in front of the empty house of the mayor.  The antifa contingent declined to join them, declaring that the mayor’s house was “not worth defending” — prompting a variation of the old tree falling and sounds being made debate.

All of which can and will be spliced into youtube videos.

* as opposed to whoever may have run over a member/”leader (?)” of antifa outside Cider Riot.  As these things go, the matter will always provoke some suspicions.

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