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Round about 1995, the movie Babe was reviewed as “The Citizen Kain of Talking Pig Movies”.  Certainly a cut above all the other talking pig movies — and other than the sequel I don’t know of many.  (Maybe there was some adaptation of Animal Farm?)  Extending to talking animal movies, and maybe sitting in on live action — and sure — it sure does beat Marmaduke and the third Looks Who’s Talking.  People who know the field of talking pig movies can debate whether Babe sits where Citizen Kain does (and I have heard people who care about movies on some level offer the contrarian view on Citizen Kain, so it doesn’t necessarily need to mean ‘top of the heap’, though it would probably keep its reputation as part of the statement) or not.

Today I read an editorial in the New York Times from Aleksandar Heman regarding the Nobel Prize’s pick for literature — someone who has been a defender of Slobodan Milosevic.  And he says of Peter Hanke that “Mr. Handke is the Bob Dylan of genocide apologists.”  This raises a question.  The field of genocide apologists — it has its Bob Dylan.  Who is the Joan Baez of genocide apologists?

In other New York Times missive, I see an article on a fiery “far right” politician in Canada who… Dan Bilefsky has it….
More recently, he was accused of cyberbullying a child
Sharp charge that…
after he called the 16 year old climate activist Greta Thurberg [mean thingy].”
Sigh.  Notwithstanding the right and wrong of political activist Greta Thursberg, or whether the mean thingy said is in the political pale or not…
You do have the “in partial defense of Donald Trump” here, whose cynical twitter comment on Thursberg was seen as condescending but in a straight forward manner would read as complimentary… because… like it or not, political actors and heat of kitchen and …

“Cyberbullying”?  Really?

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