Gabbard, and Sanders, and Warren. Harris, Yang, and Sanders again. O’Rourke while we’re at it.

So says Mother Jones magazine:  Tulsi Gabbard Just Released a Bonkers Response Video About Hillary Clinton.

We have a Hillary Clinton (does she have a halo somehow, and if so with who?) — Tulsi Gabbard feud.  I don’t know how else Tulsi Gabbard is supposed to respond — Clinton just called her a Russian agent, basically.  That itself a bonkers statement:

They are going to do third party again

Russia “went third party” in the United States in 1948 with Henry Wallace.  Beyond that… hrm.  Jill Stein’s two percent was the one thing that sank Hillary Clinton…

… who… hrm.  “War Party”, yes, no?

Bernie Sanders was probably holding his support from Alexandria Ocasio Cortez to pull out when needed.  Lagging now behind Elizabeth Warren, and needing “juice”, AOC I suppose able to toss aside some past history on immigration and guns…

Considering Elizabeth Warren, and sure absurd in the eon of the talk radio bunch and the , but I note this as Warren really slams SLAMS SLAMS the anti gay marriage contingent at the debate:

a cheap and evasive way of skirting the reality that nearly a third of Americans still oppose gay marriage and it might be in the interest of a political campaign not to write off every single one of them. 

Always worth pointing, Barack Obama won the election in 2008 with the “one man one woman” creed, though no one quite believed him really… and even as you stare at the polls showing everyone’s moved… everyone remembers when they were elsewhere, and …

no, no Democrat is winning Indiana.  So I guess you might win by slamming them all?

Saw the first t-shirt for Kamala Harris.  Harris-mania is making strides from zero to one.  Yang mania continues.  All I see on Bernie is people not having removed their 2016 bumper stickers, but then again maybe that’s just showing prudence.

Beto O’Rourke does the Trump — Hitler thing… or, more precisely “Gobells” — and, more to the point… the one good thing about a one time centrist / moderate Democrat turned shuffling to some formation of “liberal” for statewide election stratagem turned having nothing better to place himself to get attention in presidential bid… it gives the most engendered 2020 Senate Democrat something to pivot off of.

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