send away the clowns

I’m not much interested in watching psychopathic (or is it sociopathic) clown movies right about now — and I do have a sense of dejavu (in some sense, didn’t the Joker role already kill Heath Leadger, or contribute in some “Method Acting” place)…

… If I understand right, this Joker practically wears a “MAGA” hat, practically comes up as an Internet troll complaining about women ruining video games, practically lost his steel job in the rust belt…

All very topical, this anti-hero.  They’re putting a mirror up and showing us the clown that we created.  Or something to that effect.

I note some book reviewed by The New Republic, and the question “Did Trump ruin autofiction”, where Ben Lerner apparently includes in a series of characters a high school bully who goes on to make comments identical to the Access Hollywood tape.  “Is this good writing?”, the reviewer asks.  (Or maybe “I can’t tell if this is good or bad writing”.)  It probably isn’t.  The writer is trapping the book.  (Apparently it’s the character that takes up the least amount of space in the novel, but it’s apparently the one that makes the most ham-handed current day political commentary.)

Meantime, The Willamette Week reviews The Joker, and posits about “antiquated views on political correctness”.  This is, once again, Declaration by Fiat, and in itself proves itself wrong.

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