Sheppard Smith leaves Fox News, leaving… um… anyone other than right wing pundits?

Eh.  I saw this one already on an episode of Dif’rent Strokes.  More or less…
I note from Rob Dehrer another use of the “You know, I’m old enough to remember when (very recent outrage machine line)” shtick.
the one thing I want to give Trump, he won’t allow:  The Wars continue, whatever Trump claims

Sorry to burst the “what women in power have to do” angle, but… John Edwards and Bill Clinton went through the same damned meangingless “expensive haircut”-gut as AOC

Sixers Fan Says He Was Kicked Out of Preseason Game After Showing Support for Hong Kong.

In the prepared remarks, Trump vowed to protect people with preexisting health conditions and to safeguard Medicare. He read those parts without any particular vocal affect, perhaps because he doesn’t truly believe they’re the way to win.

Mark Sanford talks to New Hampshire voters about his sordid scandal.
Joe Walsh stakes out position further into impeachment zone than Sanford.
if they could magically snap their finger, every elected Republican would switch out Pence for Trump



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