spanish civil war re-enactors take their places again

I hear in the distance the “This is the Portland Police.  Stay off the sidewalk.  Any attempt to obstruct law enforcement will result in your arrest”, repeat, in loop.

A giant pick up truck drives by with a giant “Trump 2020” flag.  Not an American flag, mind you –those might be taken to be Berniecrats after all and get you bashed from both sides.

Looking down as I walk over the overpass the gaggle of dudes with black bandanas in wait to put on.  After I cross the bridge, another batch of dudes — more crew cutted, if you will — walk past.  I see one with an Alex Jones t-shirt… don’t get a good look at it.

From what I hear there was a bunch of hippy dippy jumping about somewhere about the park.  This is the main crux of activity for the mass of people.  Closer to the police line you have the hardcore antifa shouting across the line, next to whatever the fas — “Proud Boys” — are proud about.

I probably get in trouble with my peers for suggesting that, whatever these are, they aren’t “nazis in the streets”, and not having as much sympathy for the antifa forces as they want to… they managed to avoid beating up a gay Asian man this time — the logic I suppose is in the polling data that shows one small cohort of political demographics with a 50-50 split on whether it’s okay to “punch someone just because they are a nazi” and what gets defined as “nazi” is that gay Asian man who says mean things about them on the Internet…

If the fas versus antifas battles resemble this one in the future, it will be a positive development.

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