in partial defense of President Trump

Schizophrenic, it all is.  You have Palestine — a nation (if not state) whose cause is revered by the left, and whose governing authorities deny rights to LGBTQIA+…  to be sure, in keeping with the sentiment of the populace…  which oughta pull the rug under the “Intersectional as fuck” crowd — or at least force an admission of gray and complications, but … we got the claim of the struggle within the Palestinian Struggle, and why bother with the middle class bourgeois niceties of Israel as some gay tourist magnet?

Interestingly, the New York Times ran a listing of a batch of the Democratic candidates and too Trump and the playlists for their rallies, with a note that “surprisingly” Trump’s features gays… oh, YMCA by the Village People, Elton John… weird notation… I doubt Jerry Falwell himself blinks at an Elton John song…

As we are, Benjamin Netanyahu hugs Trump to pump his right wing Israeli base — trumpeting the hardline stance and bloviating at the “Boycott / Divest” movement favored by Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar…

In the old days, I would hear the ads for the Forward… entreating it as the place to go to probe “What should American Jews think” of current events in Israel.  Differences abound, and much consternation stems from the divergence of American domestic policies and Israeli policy –  but obviously American Jews have a particularly keen interest in watching the fate.

Schizophrenia ensues.  Trump may be full of it, but not because he’s here “drawing up ancient hatreds” and feeding the Richard Spencer “Jews will not replace us” part of his base by conjuring up “dual loyalties” with the partisan attack tweeting insisting Jews shouldn’t vote for the party of the “Squad” (and BDS).  It’s a bit of a leap from Biden or Warren there, but he’s running against every politically vulnerable part of the party, right?

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