instant insult tweet mode

“They were hurting. He was comforting. He did the right things. Melania did the right things,” Brown said. “And it’s his job in part to comfort people. I’m glad he did it in those hospital rooms.”

Whaley added: “I think the victims and the first responders were grateful that the President of the United States came to Dayton.”

So says Seantor Sherrod Brown and Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley when, a tone not seen with the Democrats in Texas.

And for this we get the Donald Trump tweeting…

Just left Dayton, Ohio, where I met with the Victims & families, Law Enforcement, Medical Staff & First Responders. It was a warm & wonderful visit. Tremendous enthusiasm & even Love. Then I saw failed Presidential Candidate (0%) Sherrod Brown & Mayor Whaley totally…..
….misrepresenting what took place inside of the hospital. Their news conference after I left for El Paso was a fraud. It bore no resemblance to what took place with those incredible people that I was so lucky to meet and spend time with. They were all amazing!o

You might be able to accuse Sherrod Brown, as the auto-drive of Trump voting has it, of playing politics with this visit… demographic shifts show Texas as more likely to vote for the next Democratic candidate in 2020 than Ohio, and Brown does have to finangle some Trump voters in any future election endeavor.  But, what we have is evidence of a glitch… automatic timer accorded to “insult mode”, whatever the facts on the ground.

Elsewhere I see election analysis that’s a little off… in the Nate Cohn “Trump’s Approval Rating is Rising.  Will it Matter?”… parsing “personal” rating increases with not moving job approval ratings…

The president’s longstanding relative strength in online polls led many to speculate about a “shy” or “hidden” Trump vote that would divulge its preferences only online — not in live interviews.  There was never much evidence for this theory, but if a “shy” Trump vote ever existed, it has either subsided or been canceled out by some newer series of biases in online polls.

 I see in the public library a not so veiled display of “Resistance to Nazi Germany” books.  It is undeniable that to admit to favoring Trump is… “deplorable”.  The evidence for any such under tally is in that he was, indeed, elected president.

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