Jeffrey Epstein commits suicide.  Cue the conspiracy theories, and…  Rightfully so.  Even if some a little too connected to power will veer to the partisan, let’s hear it for the fever swamp.  (Why “Hillary’d” and not “Bill’d”?)
… of course, Trump has his own Epstein connection problem.

Why 9/11 is not a good model for white supremacist terror actions.

8chan Owner Says El Paso Shooter Didn’t Post Manifesto.  just… someone reposted it there.
… (sigh)…. let me know when 16chan goes online.

DSA goes for antifa working group on narrow passage

The Eugene “God, Guns, and Trump Rally” on Saturday will take place the same day as the Eugene-Springfield Pride in the Park festival at Alton Baker Park, but Burnett insisted his rally is not protesting the long-established Pride event. He said he supports the LGBT community.

Grand jury indicts two men in May Day attack of woman outside Cider Riot bar.  Ian Alexander Kramer; Matthew Demetrius Cooper.

White cops on horseback led a black man by rope in Texas. Their police chief apologized.  Cue comments pointing out any criminal wrong doing by black man, to which the reply is: who cares?

Dick Gregory reposed.




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