fake news propagated

The right wing anti-Chinese government paper that used to be known as Epoch Times…

… and figuring out the plotline we have of the fas versus the antifas and what’s going to be sliced into place after the fa versus antifa standoff scheduled in Portland on the 17th…

… diverting from the recent mass shootings and claims against Baltimore to… hrm… milkshake tossing hoodlums.

“Trump May Label Antifa a ‘Major Organization of Terror”.

Quotes from Trump tweets and the resolutions pushed by Ted Cruz and we get a mention of the assault against Andy Ngo (“independent journalist”)… And, yes indeed you can see on this blog me lobbing a grenade against antifa on this one… but…

“Portland police later said the cups contained quick-drying cement mixed with milkshake.”

They did so falsely.

This right here leads me to a question.  Is this non-fact known as a fact by the average viewer of Fox News and listener of (conservative) talk radio?

The article shows no mention or sympathy for liberals antifa has attacked, mistakenly thinking they were their definition of “fascists” or lacking ideological purity.

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