birtherism rears its ugly head

The New York Times runs a profile of Tulsi Gabbard, and I’m having to do a bit of a hic-up on this one…

On the plethora of “first”s she would represent as president… The first woman,

the first Samoan, the first from Hawaii, the first surfer, the first vegan.

The first from Hawaii?  Is the New York Times going birther on us regarding Obama?
(Too bad we never got that President Kucinich to scratch that vegan itch.)

Elsewhere, Timothy Noah chimes in with a good word on Joseph Biden as battering against the left wing drift of the Democratic field — somewhere on immigration beggering back to Obama’s insistence for a kinder gentler deportation policy but indeed a deportation policy —  except he’s too old and said some old things at the last debate, so I guess we’re stuck on Buttigieg.  Just… checking in on the pundit class’s thinking for y’all.

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