seems predictable and obvious enough, but isn’t really surfacing out there

Curious to know, if in the most salacious part of the story — the “honeypot” part of the Russian Spy fixing herself into the NRA in part through one activists’s pants, if “The Spy Who Shagged Me” is trending as a mildly clever and obvious enough reference to toss out there.

Not a hashtag on twitter.  A few random twitter commenters cite it — all very hey hey hey!– in tweets that showcase her next to Republican politicos,  (You know, Rosalyn Carter met with Jim Jones.  And John Gacy.)  In the news, we’re focused in on the death of the actor who played Mini-me and rumors of a new Austin Power movie… so no one is there with a cutesy title blurb.

We await to see if the standbys of the late night talk shows — Stephen Colbert or Samantha Bee or Bill Maher or whoever it is who hosts The Daily Show these days — think to toss it out there.

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