strongman envy

All right.  So there’s a breakdown of media influencers.  Some dividing lines in the Conservative Media and Punditry — a few Trump supporters flake away and for various reasons — remembering their hawkish policy positioning for Freedom and perhaps even not able to make the gymnastic mental leaps to call out the leftist sore loser warmongers–

— and we note as acceptable enough if — as we’ve seen – to get there we need to position Trump’s double negative next to Clinton’s definition of the word “is”–

And then there’s the standbys.  Back from Finland, Trump stops over at Sean Hannity to take the load off.  Hannity offers praise for Team Trump, calls Trump “strong” — for his un-credited “Strength, not appeasement” treatment of the Russian president…


And then we run into Trump — and the specifics almost (but not quite) don’t matter —

“I thought President Putin was very, very strong,”

The script is off.  Sure, Obama and Clinton may meet with Putin — and may or may not put in a good performance doing so — as all the flip commenters in the bottom half of the Internet have it — to tackle various issues (START again?) , and confront various issues (I suppose the Dems may be more concerned than Trump over those anti-gay edicts), in, I guess, doing the bidding of the Deep State…

— But neither are going to come across as agog in wanting to view again the …

Riding shirtless on horses?

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