the difference between partisanship then and now

I saw the term “Trump Derangement Syndrome” — an idea which itself goes back to at least the 1990s with “Clinton Derangement Syndrome” and then on to “Bush Derangement Syndrome” —

— the latter perfectly mockable as psychiatrist Charles Krauthammer placed markable diagnoses to finger Howard Dean —

— and it may be possible that “Clinton Derangement Syndrome” as a term fingers past the election and war follies of Bush in partisan retribution–

just after the election.  And sure, a partisan chidement as different partisan groups find Trump incipient fascism and demands a response in kind,  and in fragmented geographical segments, where the big headline story at different media swerves over to “Green Haired Punk steals Crew Cut Teenagers’ MAGA cap; gloats about Resistance”.

Curiously, within the past week news reports came with the claim that the term had been “newly coined”.  A quick pursuance of am talk radio — and mind, I’m not going off of more than a couple snippets, but sometimes if you hear a couple hosts mouth the same thing at once it signifies the meme’s currency — indicates it’s unleashed from somewhere.

Apparently it was Trump who used, and so re-popularized, the term.  In reference to criticism on his partner in peace, Putin.  A little irritating.  At least “Bush Derangement Syndrome” didn’t come from Bush.

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