maybe we can declare the Korean War over at least?

I have no idea if Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un is, in and of itself, good.   I’d sure would feel better about it if we didn’t have the President claiming he’ll know “in a minute” Kim Jong’s intentions.  (Cut to the chase: enhanced legitimacy twined with self preservation? )   Or, you know, if this didn’t bear the hallmark of Reality Television in its production.  Or, you know, coming off a G-7 meetingwhere he seemed hell-bent on getting it down to a G-6.   Or, if he weren’t tweeting about a run of the barbed political dissing at an Awards show.

Listening to Canadian Radio.  An American pundit of some sort reports that he finds this all a big joke, with Trump’s refusal to prepare, and two showmans getting basically a show.  Another person is more amiable, saying there’s about a 70 percent chance of marginal good outcome, 20 percent chance of a failure of the type where we just amble back to the status quo, and about 10 percent of a disaster where tensions ratchet up — oh, something like Trump charging in with the John Bolton rhetoric — and you don’t want to be like Libya, do you?

Why do both analyses seem spot on — with, maybe the last one having its 70 and 20 percentages flipped and definitions and distinctions blurred a mite?

In the best of situations, we land in “Don’t Trust, but Verify”.

Comparisons are made, for the sake of arguing hypocrisy to the political Democratic Liberal Left anti Trump pro Obama side of things, to the Iran nuclear deal.  Firstly, as always, such charges of hypocrisy work both ways… I remember Bill Richardson being charred for suggesting when Kim Jong Un came to power that we should feel him out to see if there’s any opening, a good suggestion I’d say until such time when Kim Jong Un  squelched the idea by consolidating his power by killing … was it his uncle?… and, you know… squelching the slight hope that maybe something’s different.  It was predictable, but it does seem wise should always look to see.  So, what?  President Obama in his third term does this meeting, and makes the same motions as Trump and we get what –?

We do get the latest news that North Korea’s news outlets have decided to telecast that the meeting is happening… we were to expect they would get around to it with bells and whistles after the big meeting, but apparently the propaganda is useful enough before hand.  Looking to the people’s republic’s news source… I don’t see it yet… instead we get…

The sci-tech symposium on greenhouse vegetable farming-2018 opened with due ceremony at the Pyongyang Vegetable Science Institute on Monday under the Academy of Agricultural Science.

Present at the ceremony were Pak Thae Dok, vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Kye Hui Nam, vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the General Federation of Science and Technology of Korea, Kim Kwang Uk, president of the Academy of Agricultural Science, officials concerned and officials, technologists and cultivators of greenhouse vegetable production units.

Well, not too different from you get with small town news.

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