All the FCC complaints about Roseanne’s cancellation.

Palestinian on Watching an Israeli Political Thriller.

This Study, ‘Rape Culture and Queer Performativity at Urban Dog Parks,’ Is, Uh, Real.

Fair to say, Mumia Abu Jamal’s not getting out… if he happens to be on anyone’s list.

reviewing magazines skirting the edge of legality.

Hm.  Maybe “If Obama did the summit, Democrats would be cheering“.  Except we/they’d still be cringing to defend against the assault of criticisms about some of the fine points of the process and outcomes.  (Obama never praised the Iranian government in his nuclear dealings, and his surrogates selling it were always sure to separate the issues.)
the Mitch Lerner tweet is pretty saucy.

The perversity of media celebrity suicide coverage.

MST3K comic book.  Hm.  Truth be told, I’d just as soon they reprint the old hackney comics straight up.



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