priorities in a vacuum chamber

Looking over wonkette, wondering what their take on President Trump’s “reach out” to kneeling football players for lists of recommendations for his pardoning consideration…   (Sometime after announcing he can pardon himself — and I see the Huffingtonpost does its job in asking Republican Representatives if that would spar impeachment.  But, then again, Huffingtonpost does have an investigative news staff of sorts, where wonkette’s just baseline commentary)

… any number of places to go, as Trump toys with a rather clever political move.   Most obviously, given the initial protests begins from police shooting deaths, the matter that:  you can’t pardon a dead man.

I find no article about it here.  The culture war bit goes over to a mocking of a Townhall article proposing a right wing Saturday Night Live, to do battle in the nexus of culture and politics.  The article fails to mention the Bush era Fox program attempt of a similar stretched reach, a sketch program that started with the oh so hilarious idea of a President Limbaugh and Vice President Coulter and then on to a stilted premise on some Obama Oprah related magazine.  (It’s a recurring theme that can be blasted away at, though frankly… hm… the cultural dissections have more dimensions than this one dimensional  “Lefties Triumph in the Pop Culture!” theme we see rampant about.)

What say they on Romney’s statement of Trump coming in for an easy re-election?  Disappointed to see nothing.  Don’t necessarily know what “take” I’d think to see — it’s not horribly unfounded and unpremised and maybe because it can’t be dismissed in a self satisfied manner it can’t be commented about or dissected.  Actually what I see round about the site is a job of pulling out the antics of various internet trolls, which from my infrequent looks at the site seems to be its bread and butter these days.  (I guess it’s what elected Trump and all is the idea?)

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