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Points made about the naming of Oliver North as president for the NRA.  See Boing Boing comments.

I think there’s only one way to read this exhumation:
Suck on THAT, stupid libruls!!

A corrupt arms dealer who sold weapons to terrorists, in an effort to undermine a democracy.The NRA has become a left-wing parody of the NRA.

As described about here.

Sometimes it feels as though the current moment in American history is unique. At other times, there’s a disquieting déjà vu—for example, this week, when both Daniel Ortega, the Nicaragua Sandinista leader, and Ollie North, the American Marine who funneled weapons to his right-wing opponents the Contras, are both in the news.

And… wait.  What do we got here?

Can we get a HELL YEAH?! Oliver North to become next NRA President (cue snowflakes melting)
This. Is. So. Damn. Cool.

Sure.  The Heat.  Brought.  Snowflakes.  So fragile against the heat rays of Oliver North.  Just as… back in the day

may 4, 1993
Oliver North, the central figure in the Iran-Contra affair, blasted the Clinton Administration, suggested spending less on teaching foreign language in high school and reducing taxes during a speech Monday night at Hartwick College in Oneonta.

Or, you know.  Guns don’t kill people, Uccidere persone persone.  Some point to the cessation of school prayer, but really… it was…

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