We won’t have Don Blankenship to kick around anymore…

… unless we do.  Which… who knows?  Could resurface as a perennial candidate who wins eventually.
And, truthfully, someone will show up — maybe even win a primary… maybe even win the general… and it’ll be extinguishable from… hm… Don Blankenship’s contribution to campaign ads

“Swamp Captain Mitch Mcconnell has created millions of jobs for China People.
While dosing so, Mitch has gotten rich.
In fact, his China People has given him tens of millions of dollars.
Mitch’s Swamp People are now running false, misleading ads against me.
They’re also childishly calling me despicable and mentally ill.
The War to Drain the Swamp and create jobs for West Virginia People has began.
I will beat Joe Manchin and ditch Cocaine Mitch for the sake of the kids.”

It may be that elections are now the last refuge for a sort of public vindication — or at least airing of grievances– of a scoundrel.

Blankenship spent much of his campaign attempting to re-litigate the event for which he is now infamous—the 2010 explosion at his company’s Upper Big Branch mine that killed 29 miners—and his subsequent conviction for conspiring to commit federal mine safety violations. In the Trump era, he found a sympathetic audience by presenting himself as a “political prisoner” of President Barack Obama’s Justice Department.

All right.  So.  Joe Manchin-mania is… sweeping…

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