forcing the issue

The political divide showers us with… Evan Mecham showers us with a mock Communist letter telling us about the plot for gun confiscation.  It does take a minute to figure out from whence this letter is coming from, because the sarcastic arguments would have to be explained, even if it is fully encapsulated in the letterer to the editor’s mind.

Align this with the flutter of the comic at the Correspondents Dinner, with defenders at twitter making the charge in the way of “black woman says this — HOW OUTRAGEOUS.  Pro-lifer suggests death penalty for women — Let’s listen to what he has to say”…  Again, forced sarcasm, which we’re now mixing up hot topic issues and jumping to extremes to get to a argument of a double standard.  It’s a bit of a thick wicket… the twitterers who stuck with the obvious “… and Trump said what?”… are on better and more immediate ground.

(Then again, my point on finding next year’s safe comic brought me to Rich Little — which offers the question: is there someone female who can step in?  Oh.  Here’s an idea:  Roseanne Barr!!!)

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