Archie and Star Trek

Entertainment Weekly does the honors of profiling the coming season of the CW “Riverdale” series

But then there are those changes that become social-media gold, like the romantic pairing of Jughead and Betty. The odd couple became a fan favorite, garnering their own shipper fan group called, naturally, Bugheads.

Hey!  It’s been done!  (Or, maybe it just took some 65 years for Betty’s advances to work out?)

Entertainment Weekly also does the new Star Trek series…

This is darker Star Trek than tv audiences have seen before.

We’ve been there with pretty much every franchise.

For Trek traditionalists

Those with “Loyal to Kirk” bumper stickers around 1987?

there are still rousing self-contained adventures along the way (such as an episode that plays like Groundhog Day in space.)

(Rub eyes.)  Done in the Next Generation, wasn’t it?  As well as Voyager.  Sort of spoofed on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Sheesh.

Probably to appear on that weird fan fic series by Seth Macfarlane.


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