another damned celebrity blast

I’ve posted a time or two some — perhaps moderately controversial — opines on Colin Kaepernick — “good that he wants to be bigger than the game, because he isn’t big in the game right now” — and generally understand what Trent Dilfer is saying when he says his protests aren’t in keeping with the role of a backup quarterback in helping and aiding the team.

Protests aside, he would be on a team right now — probably at some point find his way starting a game or three.  That aside, it was amusing when Richard Sherman in condemnation of Kapernick not having a job, which to do so requires an implied insult to some quarterbacks with a job, do so by explicitly naming some.  (Which unless you’re blasting beating a rival who’s considered on par with the star — Crabtree?–, a pro sports player I’d think tends to identify with the hard grueling road they’re putting in to get lombasted by fat assed armchair qbs who at best were stars in high school.)

So.  Trump chimes in with comments that have some alleging he should just skip to the word he really wants to use — (“n”), shows his managerial role — (really, that working white class who voted him in oughta take note), and ensures no one on championships for other sports leagues would much want to bother with their customary visit.

And Trump takes another route to just another conservative talk radio host – blasting opinions for… no real reason.  (Weighing in on a Senate race in Alabama?  Why, or why does some protesting athletes have anything much to do with it?)

— Better non visits than any cause celebres for conservatives who skipped out on Clinton…



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