football and politics

A theoretical question about Colin Kaepernick, a man who has had some success in playing quarterback in the NFL and some failures in playing quarterback in the NFL.

And, short of his protest — and perhaps overmarch in protest to wearing “cop pig” socks and praising Castro —

Let us suppose some team signs him up.  Some mediocre team with one of these laughable mediocre quarterbacks that everyone points to as being picked over him (Jay Cutler retired due to lack of interest, only to jump back in) struggles.  And he is relegated to backup quarterback for the team.  And the starter struggles.  And Kaepernick is not put in there.

Will there be protests, and from whom, and to what?  Would there be cries of racism due to his not playing, or is his appearance on a roster enough?

Still.  Kaeperneck jerseys remain hot sellers.  If they’re found mainly in protest groups and not nfl stadiums, he’s bigger than the game, like…

Do those St Louis Rams “Sam” jerseys that sold like firecrackers when this first out gay player was drafted (and never made it onto a team) still sell?


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