economist tackles america’s damned politics

If they published it online, I would right now post to an interesting letter in the Economist from one Eliot Wisenberg of Chicago, which points out a historical incongruity of white supremacists marching for Confederate statues while chanting anti-semitic slogans — oh, “The Jews will not replace us” I guess it was.  General Robert Lee was friendly to the Jews and had Jews serving in the Confederate army; Ulysses Grant — as a general — didn’t and wasn’t.  (Though he had a mea culpa by the time he got to the Presidency.)

Googling into the news, and indeed simple googling, brings us some details such.

What does this mean in terms of the statue controversy?  Only that some people universally believed as morons are indeed morons.

Strutting into a history of history… In the same issue of the Economist, we find this statement, on a disconnect from “roots”:
Today, the rebel cause stands for a chin-jutting screw you all kind of conservatism.
Yeah, but that statement could have been published in 1950 when periodicals noted a vogue for the flag.


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