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hillaryclintonbookwhathappened Accusations of “sour grapes” pour in on Hillary Clinton’s new book — sour grapes in the not quiet accurate common misuse that does not align to Aesop — real sour grapes in the Aesopean tradition would have Hillary Clinton saying “So I didn’t get to be president.  Who cares — it gives me more time to do some hiking.”
By long term accounts, Hillary Clinton blames the election loss on James Comey’s last minute re-opening of the email issue.  She’s probably right.  As well as wrong.  Right in that had that not happened, she would have won.  Wrong in that she should have been stronger enough to prevail against that happening.
By other accounts, this is actually a real book.  Which is to say, she’s not writing a carefully constructed campaign book, positioning herself politically.  I suppose it’ll be interesting to say how Barack Obama’s next book comes out, and if he escapes some political trap doors.
Meantime, in a world where some view the president as incipient fascism, and we run into this type of problem

bookantitrump  Not an unreasonable book, in the sense that “On the Right Side of History”.

But, I’m leafing through the book.  Nowhere does it suggest Trump took some old Democratic stands on trade which Republicans never took and Democrats on the national level don’t take.  (I note a creeping neo-liberalism in the halls of the “Left” who’d traditionally not dismiss the issue but now have — perhaps correctly, I don’t know.  As too a class clodlessness on the political viability of some well heeled concepts.) Nowhere does it seem, in my leafing of it, to proffer the negatives on Hillary Clinton.  (She chased after Republicans, and found endorsements to sell the media — Meg Whitman, sure to help her win votes from Republican women working in the tech sector in the state of California.)  Hell — I can’t find the chapter on the churning about of Celebrity status, reality tv, and twitter ridden short attention span news cycles.  And it seems to exist in the same world that Hillary Clinton’s book does — that the only sane and just world is one where Hillary Clinton would, should, must be elected.

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