snippets of the damnable election race

He came in 10th in 2012, and he is running again.  Or so says his facebook page.

Trump Jr. gets in trouble due to a Skittles photo.  Herein is an attempt to put the problem of Trump kids into a political context.  Conan O’brien gets it a little better, though it veers into the arena of right wing politics Trump has strayed from.

George Herbert Walker Bush just voted for Hillary Clinton.  Kathleen Kennedy Townsend tweeted the news, than… er… untweeted?  The bottom half of the Internet reacts in a fury.

A key point about the Trump response

“I think what is most disturbing about this report to me, Erin, is that someone divulged a private conversation — it doesn’t seem like it was meant for public consumption. And that’s always very bothersome to me.” — Private conversations are different than Democratic emails hacked by Russians and leaked online.

Yeah, well… at least this tweet has been vetted a bit. Unlike the one about Bill Weld dropping out of the race — wishful wistful thinking.


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