Meet the Democrat who is running for Senate.  Misty Snow.  She would be the first transgendered woman in the Senate.  And is not a politician.  And would represent Utah.  And it is a little puzzling why anyone would pay to poll this race, but there it is.

Georgia’s Democratic Senate candidate is a Bernie Sanders backer socialist.

Alaska’s race is weird — the Republican incumbent won six years ago in a write-in generation election campaign appealing to Democrats against the tea party insurgent who beat her in the primary election and is now running as a Libertarian where the Democratic candidate is a former Republican at odds with the state party and so the party is reaching to the Democratic senator who lost two years ago to wage a write-in for little or no purpose, given that the Republican incumbent will win easily.

John Boozman of Arkansas can’t be bothered to debate.  The two minor party candidates (Democrat and Libertarian) try their best to put on a show.

Every Republican needs to run against Obama-care, declares the Weekly Standard.  It’ll win them everything!!!

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