this is just gratuitous

A gratuitous linking to an episode of Get A Life, which somehow or other buffers this libertarian argument against food inspectors.

As with most things, Chris Elliott’s path-breaking early ’90s Fox sitcom, Get A Life! got there decades ago, in an episode in which becomes a food inspector and quickly goes on the take.

Yes.  The show demonstrates a definite political viewpoint.  Corruption! Five bucks!  An investigator hiding in the shadows named Jim Gorman who, if you need him, signal him by standing on your lawn with a small dog strapped to his head singing Mr. Bo Jingles in a high voice… which, from a libertarian point of view would indeed be a sign of big gummint shenanigans.

It’s a reach, that’s all I’m saying.

Dip into the comments section for some arguable comments.

What amazes me is that there was even a single Network Exec who thought the laugh track did anything except assassinate that show. You know how much better that is without the insipid canned laughter?

Dunno.  The laugh-track is an overdone concoction, spot-lighting the artificiality of the show’s universe, keeping a viewer within the sitcom conventions.  I don’t know if it works better without this laugh-track — it’s just that it has a premise in being in this show.  I know that option is there on dvd, but apparently this mostly gets you a chance to hear producers shouting directions and laughing just off the set.

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