have you thanked Donald Trump yet?

Shouldn’t everyone thank Donald Trump for … ending the Barack Obama birther controversy… which was started by Hillary Clinton?

I suppose the thing about the “Big Lie” is it forces one to forage and figure out what “germ” of truth there is in the thing.  It is a fact that Hillary Clinton said mean things about Barack Obama in the 2008 primary season.  It is a fact that the fringe of Hillary Clinton supporters, who coalesced into the “PUMA Movement”, dug into weird things about Barack Obama after Hillary Clinton was out of the running.  (And the beat goes on — The Boomerang booms, oh ye Sanderistas.)

So now, going to sources we know will want to trumpet anything they can reach for, we’re stuck at a lone figure in Hillary Clinton’s orbit who was quickly dismissed.  And was not “started” there, but plucked it out from the ether that had been growling.

And anyway, having had no effect on the growth of this conspiracy theory, it doesn’t really matter when the whole basis of Trump’s 2012 flirtation for President was this issue.  But now we get the hurraying from Trump’s strange cheer-leading section — and…

Meantime, the obvious sarcasm which flees from such sources as the New York Times in a front-page News Analysis is … really something.  And something Trump’s Base of Support will glom onto as how the MSM are ‘gainst em.

Interesting to note the problems with Snopes — This is a pretty unprovable and non-disprovable claim.

You know.  Jimmy Fallon gave a nice issue-less softball interview to Trump this week.  Both why Stephen Colbert comes up a niche programming against the broad strokes of Fallon, and why you can feed an apolitical audience to vote apolitically for entertainment’s sake.  The Game Continues, devolves from Jay Leno with Schwarzenegger — which to be fair was not entirely issue-less.
The follow-up fluffer for Hillary Clinton lands on much the same wacky hi-jinks.  No.  Not much for Jimmy Fallon…

It is interesting that an earlier Hillary Clinton’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel had Kimmel doing a “man-splaining” bit — which shows a probably preference on his part for Hillary Clinton and is playing up his “Man Show” / “Frat Boy” shadow — it’s like him wanting to educate the base of his audience to prep them on subtle sexist attitudes they may harbor on Hillary Clinton.

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