mentations on Trump versus Bernie

I suppose the logic of Donald Trump tapping into the sense of the aggrieved of Bernie Sanders supporters — the system is rigged against him — plays into the up-ending of the map.  Trump asserts he may well win 40 percent of Bernie Sanders’s primary voters.

I suppose the logic of Bernie Sanders trying to debate Donald Trump is to rebuff the politics of Trump.  To assert that they’re both anti-Hillary Clinton, sure, but somehow a vote for Sanders here ought not lead to a vote for Trump there.

The logic of Donald Trump’s sarcastic rebuff to this debate fits the logic of Bernie Sanders’s sarcastic rebuff to Trump’s rebuff.

The logic of Bernie Sanders doing better in the polls than Donald Trump is that Donald Trump and his team of Republicans are campaigning against Hillary Clinton, and think they have an in with 40 percent of Bernie Sanders supporters.  They won’t be getting to town calling Bernie Sanders a Bolshevik.

The logic of Bernie Sanders facing a “rigged system” is … hit and miss.  Certainly the super-delegates might swarm in against him in the case of a tie against Hillary Clinton, but a funny thing… it’s a moot point.

From a pure point of ego, the problem of a “left” being lead into the 2 system through Bernie Sanders perplexes him.  As it does some of his supporters.  But probably not the ones who’d be going off to vote for Trump…

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