all roads lead nowhere

Yeah, sure.

Die-Hard Bernie Sanders Backers See F.B.I. as Answer to Their Prayers.

Bernie Sanders already claimed that Americans are sick of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s emails, and he continues not to run on them.  But… they’re out there, and they’re throwing hail marys at the whole corrupt system.

On the other hand, it does answer David Brooks’s problem of “Why do people hate Hillary Clinton?” beyond his answer “People hate work-a-holics“.  (Though Brooks has a point… it’s perhaps possible Hillary Clinton fits the long line of Democratic contending stiffs — Mondale, Dukakis, Gore, and Kerry..

Then again, the problem for Hillary Clinton stems more around the this thing… the system as it is… gotta pay your dues, back-benching true-believers in Congress.  Team Player, and who’s the top of the team anyways?

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