protesting Bernie Sanders

I was curious about the Bernie Sanders appearance in Portland to know… just who would be out protesting him.  Understand we have forums out there from leftists of the Green / no vote / begruding Democrat but ugh ugh ugh variety who are holding forums around “Should the Left support Bernie Sanders?” …

… the awareness that in the end he will be tossing his support to the Hillary Clinton candidate…

Coming out of Seattle, and a smattering of voices in Portland… we have… some “elements” of Black Lives Matter… who had previously chastized Martin O’Malley for saying “Black lives matter.  White Lives matter.  All lives matter” — and here it’s a “hm”… “Not using your privilege correctly” is the quote I see bandied around.

The curious conundrum comes to the somewhat ruralified position Bernie Sanders has taken to gun control … and I guess we’ll see this one continue apace.

My final wondering is if Young Republicans will show up anywhere… I remember they proved fairly entertaining way back in 2004 with John Kerry’s apperance in town.  My guess is they’ll stick to Hillary Clinton, not having too much use for Bernie Sanders except as a cudgel.

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