Christie and arm chair psychologists

Donald Trump’s big cheer leader of the moment goes up, gives a robotic performance declaring Donald Trump’s big Super Tuesday victory… “Tonight is the First Day of History”… and then… has to emphasize he was indeed excited on the inside.

Chris Christie on Thursday insisted the lengthy blank stare he wore throughout Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday press conference was symbolic only of the fact he was listening intently to the billionaire’s speech.
“No, I wasn’t being held hostage. No, I wasn’t sitting up there thinking, ‘Oh, my God, what have I done?'” the New Jersey governor told reporters in Trenton.
“It wasn’t the kind of circumstance where I’d be jumping up and down, cheering and smiling,” Christie said. “(Trump) was answering questions from the national press corps and I was listening.”

On drugs, maybe?

“All these armchair psychiatrists should give it a break,” Christie said on Thursday. “I was standing up there, supporting the person who I believe is the best person to beat Hillary Clinton of the remaining Republican candidates. It’s why I endorsed him.”
“I wasn’t upset, I wasn’t angry, I wasn’t despondent,” he continued, “I wasn’t anything other than happy that we had done as well as we had done that night and listening to someone give a press conference in front of the national press corps.”

Meanwhile, “Real Republicans” consider the possibility unseen since the 1896 appearance of Donald Trump’s dopple-ganger, William Jennings Bryan, and the Gold Democrats.  I suppose they could go with the Libertarian and possible two time Republican Gary Johnson, if not for foreign policy…

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