hypocrites and all that

Paul Krugman and various liberals and Democrats make the case that there is no difference between the Republican Presidential candidate hurtling toward the nomination and upsetting the Republican Establishment — Donald Trump — and the Republican Establishment… and over to the photograph of Trump endorsing Mitt Romney, the figure stepping in for the last ditch effort to throw the whole thing to a dead-locked convention to — and don’t forget to vote for Kasich in Ohio and Rubio in Florida and look up and down the polls to figure out who might beat Trump in your state so we can rally about to … maybe… nominate Paul Ryan???

It is noteworthy that the way things are going, Trump wins the majority of delegates by June… it’s kind of the Democratic nomination fight of 2008, grinding inexorably toward Obama, but without any actual candidate shadow-boxing at him…
… and it is noteworthy, Romney has come out for Trump over Hillary, despite everything.

Libertarians and various Independents of a deeply cynical bent make the same point on Trump and, say, the Democrat hurtling toward nomination — Hillary Clinton.  Throw out your adjectives of why you hate Trump and differentiate it from what you know — or has built up as the reputation– of Hillary Clinton.

Cue photograph of Donald Trump at Clinton wedding.

And Hillary Clinton has her celebrities… Donald Trump, in addition to basically just being a celebrity, has his grouping of white and blue collar sports behind him.

… I suppose by the time we get to the general election between Clinton and Hillary, the one thing we won’t be dealing with is debating euphemisms on male body parts for other male body parts… but then what will the substitute be here?

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