respected political journalist Wayne Madsen uncovers the truth behind Marco Rubio

According to renown and much respected political journalist Wayne Madsen…

… … …

Marco Rubio did a lot of gay things in college.

There’s a photograph of Marco Rubio in a big crowd of naked men and foam.

And the news carries from there. has learned that Presidential candidate Marco Rubio is hiding a gay secret in his past!

And oh boy, more photographs!

Another pic allegedly caught him performing a hunky gay dance after stripping down.

All thanks to the work from respected political journalist Wayne Madsen.

Trump (or the surrogate “Stump for Trump”) makes it an issue out there… somewhere.  (She googled and, oh wow look what you find when you google things!)

Madsen has reported that Obama is gay. The Nation writing on that conspiracy theory reported that Wayne Madsen “is the source on Obama’s visits to the bath house and who revealed how Obama used basketball pickup games to pick up men. Obama, Madsen says, had homosexual trysts with Representative Artur Davis, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Senate majority leader Bill Frist!”[36][37]

In 2012 Madsen self-published a book Manufacturing a President that said that Barack Obama was a creation of the CIA.

If the CIA created Barack Obama… why did it give Obama gayness… and what agency created Marco Rubio, and why did it fail so badly at its mission?

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