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National Review:  I suppose following up on the big “project” of claiming and reclaiming Popular Culture for Brand Movement Conservatism, the National Review features an article extolling the virtues of the heavy metal band Iron Maiden.


Nation:  Katha Pollit’s pro-Hillary Clinton piece has a few curious lines… one, in blasting away at a Harpers article turned anti-Hillary Clinton book…

He ignores as well the curious fact that the person he regards as an enthusiastic tool of corporate capitalism and seller-out of other women (cf welfare reform) is regarded as a radical socialist feminist by much of the country.

No, don’t know what to do when one’s analysis of the reality of a politico clashes with the analysis of another… though it is worth mentioning that the conservative world-view would still stick in that “corporate capitalism” model somewhere in defining modern liberalism.

Beyond that within a couple of the quotes in the “Sexism Strikes again” sidebar, moving past Donald Trump’s vitrol and comparing the somewhat more literate sexist quote of Limbaugh against the dumbness of Hannity…

“Can we talk about Hillary’s wig?”  — Drudge
A take-off of commentary about (Republican front-runner) Trump’s hair.  I shrug.
She’s great at being the victim.  You know this will enhance her victimology status.”  — Jeb Bush on that whole “schlong” gate.

First Lady Hillary Clinton was never more popular than under the crisis of Monica – Gate.  (Then again so was her husband.)

I suppose I’m in for a bit of that annoying “In partial / aggrivated defense of” clownish buffoonish politico figure under the coming Presidential bid of Clinton.

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