on the eve of the big Iowa conflaburation, the GOP field…

Jeb Bush has an ace up his sleeve.
Lindsey Graham endorses him!  Rumored to be a closeted gay man… should bring out the closeted gay Republicans?
I mean… no wait.  The man who’s going to come through for Jeb is… George. W. Bush.
Cited as the most popular figure within the Republican Party.

Credited with… er… keeping America safe?

Donald Trump discounts.

a strange voice comes out against Donald Trump.

Funny thing about Ben Carson.

Though Carson held just one public event on Tuesday — appearing at a Des Moines church — I’ve been running into the onetime GOP frontrunner multiple times a day. He happens to be staying in the hotel room across the hall from me at a local Marriott.

This is the kind of story you have to file when your beat is the Ben Carson campaign.

The Chris Christie Beat gives you more coverage options

Beleaguered New Jersey governor and presidential wannabe Chris Christie was challenged to a sumo wrestling match — technically, 10 matches — by a loincloth-wearing member of the militia occupying an Oregon wildlife refuge.

“I know mom gave us both girl names, but I wanna see who the real sissy is,” says Gneiting, who is not related to Christie. “Because you got out in front of the cameras the other day, and you talked about how you’d like the strong arm of the law disperse these good folks in Oregon … You know what I wanna see? I wanna see you come over here and disperse me, your older brother, in the dohyo,” he says, slapping his belly.

Well… Chris Christie got his wish.  Without a ten round bout.

Twitter debate between Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump?  Frankly, isn’t that pretty much this entire presidential election.

Jim Gilmore’s stature is rising, as you can see by his qualifying for the second debate.  BIG MO…

Mike Huckabee parodies Adele… to confusing results.
I think he’s channeling the 2008 presidential campaign of Mike Gravel?

Take that John Kasich!   A national conservative group intends to spend $1 million on ads in New Hampshire that refer to GOP 2016 contender Gov. John Kasich as an “Obama Republican.”  That should stop that John Kasich steam-roller right in its tracks.

The Ghost of Richard Nixon?

Local authorities in Manchester, N.H. say Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul ‘s headquarters was robbed between 11 p.m. Tuesday and 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, WMUR ABC News 9 reports.A campaign worker who opened the office Wednesday morning discovered the break-in. The back door to the office was visibly forced open.
Computers, iPads, articles and a stock of snacks were taken, officials told WMUR.
“These are tools that we use every day to manage our data, look up voter data and contact our supporters online,” Matt Chisholm, Paul’s New Hampshire communications director, told WMUR.

In other items… hm?

“I’m a well-known liberal and it just irked me beyond belief that my beloved song would be co-opted by Sen Rand Paul,” Sean Altman, who co-wrote the song for the PBS show in the 1990s, told POLITICO. “This song is my bread and butter. This is literally one of the ways I make my living because it is licensed frequently.”

San Altman known as a liberal?

538 believes roughly what I believe… Marco Rubio’s the Republican’s best chance of winning in November.

Rick Santorum defeated Dan Savage.  Not that it matters — his campaign is still sputtering to its conclusion.


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