out in the boondocks

Ted Cruz chimes in with an assault on “New York Values”, going into a spot against Donald Trump that was foreseeable last summer.

The line comes out of some weird amalgam of something of a deeply submerged anti- semitism*, some anti-cosmopolitanism — or the vision of the multi-ethnic melting pot **, parochial — rural boosterism, and making hay off of an image of New York cemented off of the era of 1970s urban decay.

(*In the same way “San Francisco values” is all about the gays.)
(** Attacking Donald Trump as a false prophet to that downwardly mobile uneducated white working class George Wallace-ite support he’s been attracting.)

Fascinating enough, “The Donald” has a trump card to Ted Cruz.  Sarah Palin is endorsing Donald Trump.  Sarah Palin, the last seemingly overt practitioner on the national scale of this gambit Cruz is playing… seen when Palin quoted Westbrook Pegler.

Of course, now Bob Dole throws his lot behind Trump— or at the very least Dole is coming out in favor of Trump as the lesser veil than Cruz.  And here we see Dole’s view that it’s Trump or Cruz… and to that you can say… Wow.

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